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portable thermo water heater

Although the amount of hot water you need is not too much just enough to make coffee, milk, tea, noodles, … However, you need to use hot water regularly or you do not have too much time to boil water. with the regular kettle. . Then Deerma DEM-DR035 will be equipped should you invest by design extremely portable, flexible and the ability to boil quickly, retain heat long will you can enjoy hot water all the time everywhere.

Flexible 2 in 1 design

Although it is quite compact in size, about 76 x 76 x 222mm, only about 1 bottle of mineral water,Deerma DEM-DR035 offers two functions: a kettle and a thermostat. Therefore, you can easily take it with you, especially on trips with hot water always stored nearby.

Kettle strong power

With the Deerma DEM-DR035 thermostat , the user has the flexibility to choose between two boiling modes, such as boiling 100 ° C or customizing the heat level from 40 ° C- 90 ° C at the control button. adjust touch on the body of the bottle. During the process of boiling water, you can cover the lid to avoid impurities falling into the water without fear of high pressure. Because the bottle has the ability to automatically sense and release internal pressure in time.

A long-lasting thermos bottle

In addition to being a water heater , Deerma DEM-DR035 also has the ability to retain heat extremely long. Specifically, the jar is equipped with 3 layers of tight insulation, the inner heat-blocking layer, the layer that prevents heat from escaping in the middle, and the outer layer that prevents heat from burning the user’s hands. Therefore, after being heated, the water inside the kettle will be kept warm for a long time.

Premium materials, safety

The inner lining of the Deerma DEM-DR035 thermoset kettle is machined in 304 stainless steel with effective acid, alkali and corrosion resistance. Lining with this material will not release impurities during boiling water to ensure the quality of water and protect the health of users. PP material covers the body and cap with high durability, no color change, no stains when used for a long time.